broccoli in September?

Take a little broccoli home Aunty Connie......well, if you insist! Let me help you hold that bag while you fill it up. That's it, just a little more....And now I make a run for it! Gold! Green GOLD!OK ,a quick stop to chase the cat.

And back to more delicious broccoli! This is a true story.
Names may have been changed to protect the farmers (or maybe not).
No cats were harmed in the process of making this documentary about broccoli but were offered many half eaten, drool soaked stalks from a loving 2 year old.
It is mid-September. Freezing cold, 2010. We blinked, summer was gone.
We were thrilled with a trip to the farm today and treated to our surprise fresh organic broccoli, a family favorite. More farm to come. We had so much fun.


Jerri-Lea said...

Yum!! How fun!!

Vanessa said...

At least he likes his veggies hey? I'm hosting a giveaway right now you might be interested in. Check it out