what I love today

stamp+jars+styz on ink='s cute jars for desk
a great green craft idea
wouldn't they make great anniversary favors or wedding favors
filled with candies or notes or mini photos or buttons or seeds
I have a thing for gummy bears right now, they look so bright in the jars they make my mouth water and I my jars look like the picture above.
What would you fill your jars with?


Jerri-Lea said...

You are AMAZING! Back to work, more classes, AND still time to think up a clever craft!!! So cute!

Jerri-Lea said...

Oh, you should try sour dinosaurs!!

Kate said...

M&Ms. Every day of my life. And if I filled a jar with them I would have to run 5km every hour just to keep them off my butt. LOL

Stephanie said...

Hi! I know this Blog is older but I was wondering if you are selling the Mason jars? I would love to give them as a favor at our wedding! Would you be able to include a date is small print?