4 months

You are four months old.

Daddy's says it feels like you have always been a part of our family and I can't help but agree.

You sleep all night but refuse to nap during the day.

You LOVE to be outside.

You love to be HELD outside but tolerate the stroller.

You come in each day to Big Brother's school to pick him up. You smile at anyone who smiles at you. (with a small exception of the meter reader guy-he was kinda spooky).

You are up at 5am like clock work.

You can now splash enough water out of your bathtub to completely soak the floor and anyone in a 1 foot radius.

You twist and turn to keep sight of that super hero brother of yours.

You light up when you see your Daddy.

You make smacking noises with your mouth when you see your Mommy.

Everyone comments on your big eyes.

Everyone says how much you look like your Daddy.

I love you so much I whisper that I missed you when I pick you up each morning. My heart rejoices when I snuggle you still so warm snuggled in your fuzzy sleeper as I pick you up out of your crib. You smile your sleepy smile at me and I blink back tears because I love you so much.

You are four months old.

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the treat girl said...

It can't be allowed!!!!! FOUR MONTHS??! Yikes!