skull sidewalk chalk

This was a quick easy and fun activity one warm Fall afternoon. Mix powdered paint and plaster, add water. Stir until thick like syrup and then pour into molds. Our skull mold was only $1. Perfect boy style chalk! Wait until it is dry, pop out and use your chalk. We love hop scotch around here.

Why make your own chalk?

It is a great lesson on liquids and solids. It is fun to make interesting shapes and colours. It is a good sequencing activity for 3 year olds!

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Niki said...

If you do the mixing in a paper cup, you can notice that once it is mixed and starting to thicken, the outside of the cup feels warmer.
The reaction is exothermic so not only can you talk about solids and liquids, you can talk about some combinations making heat.
Love the skulls, BTW.