book order

Your 1st book order.

You are 3.5.

You poured over the pictures of the books.

I said as a reward for going to school everyday you could choose one book.

You found a Scooby Doo book with zombies and scary scare crows. You circled it 10 times. You love Scooby and scary scare crows. I left the room to get your brother. You also circled a Star Wars book about 15 times.

You didn't ask. You didn't whine. You just put the lid back on your pen and smiled.

Your Dad came home and saw the book order form. We both smiled because we are so proud you love books. We love that you know what you want. Your Dad circled a few more books and wrote a rather large check.

Your 1st book order.


Jerri-Lea said...

I LOVE the book order!! I'm sure CJ's teachers love having her in their room and knowing that we are big spenders on the book orders! CJ pays 1/2 because we order so much!!

Niki said...

When i was in grade school, flipping through the Scholastic book form was the best.