Happy Thanksgiving 2011

And my boys even let me dress them in nice Thanksgiving-y colours!

Yes, from the outside we do look quite normal. Read on.

Nice happy family, Pa holding baby awww, so cute.

Look closely- see big brother.

What in the world is he doing??!!

Looks like someone got his head stuck in a frame. Big Brother was not happy.

Frame removal was simple. Good thing we had a Dr. in the house.

Here was my masterpiece!

Seriously, I had been dreaming this up for weeks!

The Chef had to help me with the feet and peppers. Shiny side out!

This is was my kind of bird!



Anonymous said...

Awesome Bird Sassy!! It's perfect....wish I could have dreamt this up! D

Jerri-Lea said...

Oh Sprout!! Mommy will put a new photo of you in that frame soon enough!! Great turkey!! May have to copy you for next year!!

Niki said...

That bird is truly amazing!

the treat girl said...

How cuuuutte is that TURKEY??! Good thing our Thanksgiving isn't for a few weeks yet....I'm gonna make one too :) Thanks!