Pumpkin Party Review

Wow. Fall parties are great! So many well behaved kiddos makes for a really fun time!

Here are a few highlights!
yummy smores

pumpkin juice

tang and ginger ale)

Ahh! Monster cookie!

(eyes were a big hit, I will do a tutorial soon!)

Sucker hiding Ghosts.


fun chalk board signs...

cute but not cute enough for Martha pumpkin balls

(thanks for your vote of support dear husband. (

He did tell me they were delish but just not magazine cover ready)

Pumpkin Pinata!

Broken open by Super Baby!

(we even heard a "Wow, that baby is really strong!" from the crowd!)

sack races

donut eating........with no hands!

(husbands previous comment about pumpkin balls was forgotten because he had to go to 4 different Tim Horten's to round up 18 old fashioned plain)

Scary potion making, we are still working on making a pattern with candies-fun and educational!

Pumpkin carving, serious business!

Even a surgeon needs his
Mommy's help sometimes!

Future Dr's I see!

Ahh, at last a warm cup of apple cider.

I enjoyed the last cup as I published this post.

What a great day!


Jerri-Lea said...

Thanks for a 'fang'tastic time!! The Ghouls, Moto-Moto and I had so much fun!!!

jamie@eighteen25 said...

that first picture is too cute. and your party looks like so much fun. thanks for sharing.

Saucy said...

We've made monster eyes with slightly warmed Wilton candy melts - just press an M&M into it - but remember the fried eggs?? Pssst... making "breakfast special cupcakes" at an upcoming Cheerio sale using that technique!!!

PamJ said...

I want to live in your town!! That looked like an awesome party :)