baby work

I think the pictures speak for themselves.
I can remember being a student and the teacher asking us to move our chairs. 
We were little and I remember the chairs seeming gigantic.
I also remember an adult watching me struggle and coming to my aid (Thanks, Dad)
It was along long time ago but has always stuck with me.
One of the most important aspects of both teaching and parenting is knowing limits.
It is hard, forever changing but so worth the work.
As I watching Little Brother struggle to put on the shapes I cheered with each success.  He felt like a star and that is all I wanted.  I didn't really care about him getting the shapes on, I just wanted him to try.  In time my expectations will grow and I know he will strive to reach them.  For now, I cheer and hug and kiss and smooch his two little hands I love so very much.  That is all I want him to know.

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That bottom picture is great.