Oh, it was fun!
You must visit Cousin Saucy's blog to see more!
Picure it, beautiful day, serene picnic in a field then a few quiet calm pictures with my sweet boys.
You want the real story now?
Husband is on call, O.R. can page him at anytime to rush in and fix a brain.  Slight stressor. 
 He's fine, I'm the only one stressed.
Where do we go?
Great, a map, I am hopeless with maps AND I'm driving.
Sweet husband can't drive and talk brain-well he can but it is illegal to talk on your cell and drive.  Bluetooth? Don't ask, it was only last week I figured out how to eject the CD from the music box in my jeep-cell phone stuff is years away for me.
We get there. 
Outfits check.
Props check.
Boys are all fed, the baby has slept (a small miracle) no reason for any crankiness.
Well, somebody should have told the baby.  The smile above-I have no idea where it came from photoshop is my guess.  Maybe it is magic. I didn't think he smiled the whole time.
These girls are magical I tell you. 
We pack up, the forest is silent again. 
Screaming baby smiles as soon as Daddy puts him in his car seat. 
The day went nothing like I had envisioned. 
But wow. Look at this picture.  Amazing.
Don't miss out next year!


Saucy said...

You're just being silly, the boys were great! There are TONS of happy, peaceful shots and I even edited a cute dragon crying in his daddy's arms... couldn't resist. Baby Fragonard did just fine and we're all entitled to have a moment now and again!

Besides, you arrived with extra props AND a wardrobe change! Your pics are beyond beautiful, The Fan insists I do a post devoted entirely to it so it's set up and ready to run while Veto and I cruise Latin America :). As soon as Chickadee is done editing her shots, we'll get you your DVD and I bet you'll be shocked at how good baby was, after all! Not a problem, not at all!!

Niki said...

The previews at Saucy's look great. Can't wait to see more.