how to make eyes

 This is a quick and easy way to make eyes.
Eyes for what you may ask?
Eyes for anything edible!
I've used them for cookies, cake pops, cakes and even veggies!
Really, so easy you will want to start putting eyes on everything today!
Get your parchement paper ready.
Your icing in white and black.  (I use 1 cup icing sugar, 1 egg white and a few drops of water, so easy!)
Use a small tip or a baggie with a hole or a squeese bottle like me. 
 This is not rose making class, it is much easier!
Get ready to fill your page with white dots! 
 For pairs make them beside each other so they are close to the same size. 
Be creative, big, small make them all!
I let my white drops dry for about an hour then I add the black.



 Let them dry over night.  You will know when they are done. They will slide right off the paper.
 I made a few funny eyes that were a huge hit with my son!
 The finished product ready for use!  Apply them right before serving, moisture will cause the black to black into the white. (they ones you buy don't do that!)

 You will be an eye making machine in no time!
Watch for Friday's post to see what I used these eyes for! 

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