last train ride

 We went to say goodbye.
 To a favorite summer treat.
 Our hearts were sad
 to say goodbye.

 Our favorite little park is getting a make over.  We won't be able to visit again until 2014.
That sure seems a long way away.
Looking forward to the new park but letting go of the old one is a little hard for me.
Change is good. Change is good.


Jerri-lea said...

I'm a little more than disappointed that we missed riding the train for the last time! Thanks for the memories!

Saucy said...

I'm sad, too. Buddy Budderson and Loopy practically grew up there. The Cheerios went in ninth and tenth grade, too. I was meaning to do a wedding dress refashion shoot on the merry-go-round but ran out of time. By the time the park is finished, all of my models will be in university and busy doing other things :(