Great Guesses!

Corn for the Bar-B- Que!

I ran out of pots on Thanksgiving so I had McDreamy cook up the corn outside, it was soooo good we have Bar-B-Qued corn probally once a week now.

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Yummers! said...

The corn looks yummy! Boyd cooks it on the grill a lot.

OMG... The Sprout is going to look so cute in animal hats!! Maybe I'll make something for him when I finish this course. Of course it will be Spring by then.

RE: Your question on my blog. The layouts are all on Photoshop Elements 7. I'm spending alot of hours a day trying to get it all down. Today I pulled my hair out over the lesson... took me 6 hrs.

I have Memory Mixer, too. That's what I started with and produced some nice layout and mini books. I think it's They have a store that you can go shopping in, etc. Does a lot of the stuff Photoshop does... just not as much... but enough. I went to PSE7 because I am working on putting my mom and dad'd stories on paper... and mine too. I do like the way PSE7 handles large amounts of text.

With The Sprout and taking classes you might find Memory Mixer more suited to your busy lifestyle. It's lots of fun!

I'm blowing the Sprout a kiss....