Sophie's New Necklace

This is Sophie.
The Sprout LOOOVES Sophie.
Sophie rarely leaves the house because The Sprout loves Sophie soooo much he would not be happy if Sophie wandered away accidentally. Sassy cannot find any sisters or brothers to Sophie anywhere. Apparently Sophie's brothers and sisters are "hot" this season for babies.
The Sprout is getting top teeth.
Sophie MUST come to Vegas.
Sophie now has a new necklace.

Stay tuned for Adventures of Sophie in Vegas and hopefully the sequel.....Sophie Back home Safe and Sound.

Come on readers, share your favorite childhood toy now!


Yummers! said...

My favorite toy was a stuffed bear named Brownie. Yes... he was brown but had a red corduroy body. I was born during WWII and times were tough. My mom was a nurse and on the way home from work each day she'd pass a chocolate shop that had Brownie in the window. One day my mom got an envelope from my dad (he was in the war) that had money in it to buy something special for me. She went and bought Brownie. I lost him at our last house when the basement flooded. Sob!
Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Lisa said...

My favorite from my childhood is my doll, Debbie. She slept with me every night from the age of two (1965). She now sits in her original wooden highchair, in our kitchen.