Berry Baby

Mrs Bentley (grade 2 teacher extraordinaire!) will be proud of these
Berry Good Fine Motor Skills!
The Sprout was very pleased as he fed himself 3 whole delicious strawberries today and washed them down with his own sippy cup full of water.
The truth is my Magic Bullet died today...before I made the Sprout his breakfast! In a panic I called McDreamy at work ( and later realized how crazy I must have sounded)

McD - hello?
Sassy - the magic bullet died!
McD - um...hello?
Sassy - Oh Hi, the magic bullet died before I could make the Sprout his breakfast.
McD - ....and you are calling me at work because......?
Sassy - You don't understand.......the magic bullet.....
McD - I get it, mash up some bananas with a fork- the baby will be fine.
Sassy - .....but how am I supposed to puree his favorite strawberry, banana, oatmeal with a hint of papaya and 3 blueberries?
McD - banana.
Sassy - Do you remember what time costco opens?

Don't worry dear readers I have reequipped myself with a new magic bullet and the Sprout is once again in culinary heaven. For lunch today he gobbled up terriaki chicken with fresh steamed broccoli and baked spaghetti squash......with strawberry chunks for dessert with his 5 sweet little teeth, I guess we'll be keeping the strawberries out of the magic bullet from now on.

Today he's eating strawberry chunks, tomorrow it will be nachos with some little hussy with too much make up and too little clothing. My baby is growing up!


Pam said...

Isn't it amazing how quick they grow!!!
Good job sprout!!

Oliver Rain said...

He's so cute. Did you buy your magic bullet form the info-mercials. I love those infomercials.

Jerri-Lea said...

What a big boy!! It was so exciting when CD started eating "table food" that could be cut up or "mashed with a fork" as McDreamy would suggest. Looking forward to Sunday.

Saucy said...

Well he's not placing any orders at HOOTERS just yet so you still have some time to enjoy him. Just don't give him spicy wings too soon and DON'T wear orange hot pants around the house.

sassy studio said...

Got it, no hot pants.
(you are hilarious Saucy!)


Tamara Jansen said...

What a gorgeous little tyke! I used to get that kind of look from my oldest when I set him in his chair with a bag of cheesies :)

Yummers! said...

He is so darn cute!! Boy, is he GROWING!!

What's the difference between a Magic Bullet and a blender? I've never heard of a Magic Bullet.

I kissed Boyd this morning and asked him what he tasted. It was my new CO Bigelow Lemon Cream. He was all over the produce department before he hit 'lemons'.

As far as the Sprout dating... he'll never leave his mama. He's got it too good at home.