Dear Dear Darling Cousin Dena in Edmonton

Hello Dear Cousin Dena,

Thank you very much for the applesauce tip, I must try this fascinating idea very soon. I am always open for new ideas to help keep my McDreamy's heart happy and healthy and both our waist lines slim. Thank you also for the "skinny" reference, fortunately you and I both have good genes to thank for our metabolisms, yeah! to being relatives! I think you are looking mighty fine in the picture above with The Sprout and Big Brother #1. (and thanks for wearing the personalised hat at the rehearsal party!)
I have also included a few photos of our dear Mothers.......the one's we should really thank for the good genes, just look at those two fine ladies!
xox Sassy


Anonymous said...

Sassy, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but your cousin Dena did not write the hint about the applesauce, even though she might want to take credit for it! I am just a fan of yours in Saskatoon, a scrapbooker who knows Leica and Pam. I so wanted to come to your and Saucy's toggle party in November but had previous plans. Anyway, you and Dena should get a good giggle over this one. Sorry for the confusion.(And I did NOT get the gift of a high metabolism, even though I wish I did!!)

Dena(I will sign off as D from now on!)

sassy studio said...

Ahhh! 2 Dena's? I can't believe it! Well, "D", how nice to meet you! To be honest I did find it interesting that cousin Dena would write about baking! Well now that we have all that sorted out let's get on that Saucy about planning another charm party!