purple cupcakes

I attempted my first solo cupcake order today for dear friend of The Sprout's who is leaving him for the bright shiny lights in Regina. My cupcakes baked up nice and firm thanks to your brilliant recipe tweaks and my icing is fluffy and decadent after following your wonderful never fail directions.
I sprinkled with a smile while thinking about you and Loopy guiding me through cupcake journeys past.

As my cupcakes lay in waiting to be shared with friends I only have one small question left.......how do you keep your family from eating the cupcakes before supper?! (OK, MCDreamy and I BOTH had one tonight BEFORE supper!)

your student, sassy

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Jerri-Lea said...

Pretty good job! I've been practicing roses in Coco class... shhh!

Saucy said...

Oh you are so sweet and I bet even sweeter after enjoying a cuppycake or two! Your purple "little cakes" (as Duke calls them) are adorable and I am dying to know where you got the fancy papers! They look sparkly!

If we all ever want to get together to do a little piping practice, Jerri-Lea too, we should! I have loads of tips and bags!