......a great trip. The Sprout is a great traveller and we had a fantastic time with Daddy. Many people at the resort had comments about The Sprout's fantastic behaviour and superb swimming skills.
Our days went by much too quickly but were organized quite nicely. The Sprout enjoyed the Bahamas the most out of the three os us for sure.
We would begin each day with Mommy and Sprout breakfasts of watermelon, cottage cheese and toast. Mommy would slowly sip coffee as Sprout "accidentally"dropped his toast. The birds caught onto The Sprout's trick and by the last day would wait patiently for him to "drop" his toast so they could entertain him and munch away on yummy toast too. I loved watching him marvel at the birds. He would watch them for a whole cup of coffee!

After breakfast we'd pack up for the beach. I am so glad I splurged at dollarama and bought a mesh bag, boats, a pail and a few shovels for the beach. We played with them for hours and leaving them behind left me room to pack Nana's new Coach purse McDreamy picked out for her.

The Sprout loved his mid-morning beach snack. I was super happy that I had a box of individually wrapped organic rice yum yums for beach snacks. I am not a big fan of all the prepackaging but The Sprout was very happy to have a sand free snack.
After the beach we would have a quick swim in the pool before. The Sprout loved the water. He and Daddy now play "dolphin" in our pool at home too.

After all that swimming we would head back up to the room for some rest and lunch before McDreamy joined us.

McDreamy and The Sprout played sea turtle at the beach and dolphin in the pool for hours each day. I have no idea how we survive without a beach at home and pool with out a swim up bar and BINGO! Hmmm...... a BINGO swim party, now that sound like fun Saskatchewan style! Anyone know where I can buy water proof BINGO cards?


MJ said...

Waterproof bingo cards? Try laminating them?! That might work for a bit!

the treat girl said...

awwwhh Miss...........what a wonderful trip!! You all look sooo happy and relaxed!!