the office

I am going into the unknown, the abyss, the deep dark uncharted waters and territories of .....the office!

I have a project, a personal mission really. I am not sure when I will return. If you have any pointers feel free to share them. My mission is to organize Yoda's office. Yoda loves stuff. Yoda is part squirrel. He squirrels stuff away like he is going into hibernation. He has roughly 10,000 pens and even more utility knives.

Yoda is also always prepared like a boyscout ready to whittle a hot dog stick or even drumsticks from a branch in seconds or to rescue a damsel in distress with an unsightly tag or thread hanging in seconds with his handy utility knives. We have challenged each other to see who can stay away from Dollarama the longest. I will visit dollarama this afternoon for the last time to stock up on organizing supplies.



Anonymous said...

Yoda's uncle, My dear, sweet Secret Weapon - is even worse. It must be congenital? I have a plan. I am going to throw in a stick of dynamite and RUN like H.E.double hockeysticks! xoxo the fan

Jerri-Lea said...

Actually the office doesn't look that bad for such a busy Dad. No help here on organization but I'm sure I will learn lots from you (and Saucy). My craft nook(corner) is in much need of some organizing... "My name is Jerri-Lea and I'm a pack rat."

the treat girl said...

ooooohhhhhhhh! I sooo love an organizing project!! How sweet of you to jump in there and do it! Is it going to be a surprise??? Be sure to share the "after" pictures! I always love to see the transformation!!!! I always start with a "keep" pile, a "toss" pile and a "maybe" help it from becoming too overwhelming. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

anything that looks important you decide if it is, because if you leave it for pa to go through it won't get done. I am sending off this week the timesheet binder so that they can all reside in the same place.

Love Twinny

Dionne said...

Organizing for me is all about lists, labels and containers! And also throwing out whatever is unneeded. Good luck on your quest! Hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sassy,
What have you gotten yourself into my dear!
All I can say is lables & baskets. They seem to clean up my office.
from deedee