do you know......

Do you know these new fellas in town?
Seriously, how many of you smart bloggers can name this berry?
It was Yoda who first introduced me to this delightful little berry at Anglin Lake.
(If you have a plant question, Yoda is your man. What doesn't that man know!)
Like Yoda, these berries and their ancestors are originally from Russia.
A super hardy bush that needs minimal TLC and yet yields top quality product- Do I sound like a farmer yet Uncle Derele?
McDreamy treated me to 6 of these bushes last summer and to be honest this spring things did not look very good for our new twiggy friends. Forward a cold spring and a summer that seems like it will never be here and just look at how my bushes blossomed! I picked 4 cups of berries off of 3 bushes tonight. A bumper crop if I do say so myself. It must be all the TLC and kind words The Sprout and I say as we pass the bushes a thousand times a day doing laps with me pushing his tricycle in the backyard.
Coming soon........a delish recipe for those of you who have access these yummy fellas!
(oh yeah.....the office reno is delayed slightly while the Nana needs our attention. I'll be sure to post after pics!.....of the office that is, not Nana!)


Anonymous said...

:) They are called Honeyberries (Haskap), they are wonderful. Looking forward to your recipes.
Your old elementary friend from stoon, Tara

Saucy said...

Are they not Saskatoon berries then? My mind is boggled if they are not.

sassy studio said...

Tara! You are one smart gal! Honeyberries they are! Recipes coming up!