honeyberry recipe

mmmmm Honey berries!
Good job sassy blogger Tara-you are one berry smart Gal!
Above is an easy muffin recipe for honey berries that my family really enjoyed.
I was extra happy to treat our house guest Nana II -my super savvy Aunty from Alberta-to a batch of these homemade muffins. Above is one of 4 photos I used for a centre piece for Mother's Day Brunch this year, I did one for each of the Mom's present. Nana II just luurrves sharing a muffin with The Sprout with her Tim's coffee each morning on before her visit with The Nana and The Sprout just lurrves Nana II!
The Nana is doing well. She is on day 10 of her hospital visit with hopes of being let out for good soon.
The Nana was let out on a visitors pass for a few hours the other day (for good behavior!) and we enjoyed having her over so The Sprout could show her all his tricks in the pool.
The Nana is not allowed any flowers or baby visitors right now so we send her Well Wishes and Luluemon outfits. The Sprout says he wants his Nana to be the best dressed Nana in the whole hospital so he picks out the outfits himself. We also send daily Well Wishes. Do you know what well wishes are? Well Wishes are quite possibly the best invention since telegrams-because they are telegrams! The Nana just loves to get her well wishes hand delivered each day. Click here to send Nana (or anyone else you know who may need a cheer up during a hospital stay) The Nana's room # is 6102 at RUH, tell her Sassy and Sprout sent you!


sheila said...

I would love to send a well wish but can't remember her name ugh I feel bad but she has always been Nana to me..
Send me an email with the info please.

Anonymous said...

Well wishes are wonderful. I know they kept my mother through the day in pallitave care. what is wrong with your dear mother. All the best with nana!

sassy studio said...

Nana is in the pallitave care unit of oncology now for her esophogial cancer. I just got back from a visit-I zip over when I can after I put the baby to bed. It is nice to know that someone else's Mom loved the simple little notes too. If you have any other ideas for lifting spirits PLEASE let me know. Lululemon only has so many bunnyhugs.
Thanks Shelia, you can call her Nana Kinakin or Denise, I'll email you as well.
Keep those well wishes flowing!

Dionne said...

This Well Wishes thing is lovely. I just sent mine to her!

the treat girl said...

Awwwwhhh Sassy!!!! I will say tons of extra prayers!! Please keep us posted on her treatment and recovery!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Love your blog!

Can you give my auntie the biggest hug from me please?!

Love and hugs to you all

Linzi from Scotland xoxox