layered salad

This layered salad was delish!
I arrived at costco but your recipe was at home in my printer so I ended up buying ingredients that I was hungry for. Even though not quite as polished as your super fantastic recipe, the presentation received a thumbs up from my family....even the Chef!
Here is a quick how to with the ingredients that I used, the most important ingredient being the clear dish. Any clear bowl or jar would work well and you can choose the size of dish according to how many people you need to feed. This cookie jar has been with me since my first year teaching. I picked it up at IKEA for a song and a dance, seriously, it was less than $10, which is all my singing and dancing is (and was) worth! (if you need proof look on utube for twist of lime wedding dance!)

clear dish
field greens
red peppers
field greens
field greens
dried cranberries
field greens
cubed apple

I used a honey Dijon mustard dressing because I thought it would go well with the pecans.

Thanks again Treat Girl- my family will love this salad again and again!


Saucy said...

You and Treat Girl are making Saucy very hungry.

the treat girl said...

Sassy!!!! How cute are you???!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy the salad was a hit!! And I'm sure you're cute new jar will keep you really happy...the possibilities are endless..Thanks for the shout out!

Jerri-Lea said...

Yumm!! I love a good salad!! No worries about missing the party! We also have a guitar windup party on the weekend and her "real" birthday on the 24th!! Wait until you see what she gets for her birthday... I so hope it works out... it is all on the shoulders of a student in Coco 30! Should be arriving within the week. Cross your fingers!

Leica Forrest said...

that looks oh so good!