giving, real giving

How do you teach the love of giving? Isn't it one of those things that you just know how to do or don't? I have no idea but I do know I want my son to know the importance of giving. Not just the go out to $ rama and buy a mug that Grandpa or an uncle would pretend to love-the kind of giving that shows you took time and thought and maybe even shared a little creativity or special talent only you have. The kind of giving where a drawing or poem on a scrap piece of paper brings tears to your eyes and you keep it tucked into the bottom of a drawer for years...maybe forever. If I could sing I would sing a song for Christmas gifts this year, each person's eyes would well up at the words and bird like melody of my voice.......what is the best gift you have ever received?

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Niki said...

At a low point in my life my BFF made me a friendship knot quilt for my birthday cause she thought i needed it.