Call me crazy or just a 1st time Mom but as much as I love my son and teaching I also love a good deal. I wish I could say I searched out the product and found the deal but it actually fell right on me (for $9.99) during a trip to Winners many months ago.
Who hasn't heard of Hooked on Phonics? (That's who happens to produce this brilliant package of knowledge.) I don't really have an opinion of programs like these but I do like the fact that it spells out the following:
1. Spend time with your child.
2. Read with your child.
3. Show interest in what they are learning.
4. Show respect for learning and teachers.
5. Spend time with your child.
......I popped in the 1st DVD into the computer when the Sprout was 6 months old. I don't like much TV myself (it sucks me in too easily) but I figured a few minutes with supervision might teach us both how to sit still for 10 minutes a day. I played the DVD maybe 3 times a week and used the signs regularly. When the Sprout was 10 months old- he liked the DVD but showed no interest in signing yet. 10.5 month - boom! The Sprout started to sign for eat, drink, and more! Wow! Even McDreamy and Yoda started using the signs.
Now the Spout is 17months old and he can sign:
eat, drink, more, potty( Mommy's favorite), book (Nana's favorite), water, milk, dog, bird, all done/finished, apple, cracker, cereal and banana.
Yesterday when McDreamy got home form work he got himself a drink form the fridge, The Sprout wandered in the kitchen and signed for a drink, McDreamy asked if he wanted milk or water, The Sprout signed water and drank like a fish. And so......
Sassy went straight to her little computer and ordered this!

Oh yes I did! Any Mother who is up with late night feedings knows this program, its on every night from 1 am -6am straight!
The Sprout is developing quite nicely but I want to give him a little encouragement to speak- the signing is great but our little Sprout only has a handful of words and the 18 months and 50+ word deadline is only a few weeks away. (he does say Mom, Dad, Nana, Pa, go ,dog, go, nooooo, bubbles, ball, birdie, vrooom, boc-boc-bark, moo, roar and dieeeee-(eye, I hope!)
So here we go.......this teacher needs to be taught (that what this DVD/flashcard thing for parents is all about)
Has anybody out there tried this program? Advice?


Jerri-Lea said...

Well, let me say ~ great job Sprout!! It was so thrilling when CJ and CD first signed back to me!! It helps SO much and we are glad that we could understand their communication from such a young age!
I have never seen nor tried this program but it's going to help so go for it!! AND I can say that it in no way will hold him back with his speech (a question many people ask). It is just another tool for communication!
If you need help with any of the signs, I'm your gal!

Anonymous said...

Signing is great, but as a teacher and parent, if you are concerned about Foster's language development, look into a program that is used by Canadian speech language pathologist's called "hanen.' There are several programs within this company, but as a first time parent you may gain a lot about encouraging language development through play.

mlafayette said...

My son, Dolan, wasn't at his 50 words by 18 months. We were encouraged to see a speech language pathologist. We did go see her but we really didn't do anything special to help him out. We would ask him to "use his words" and really encourage him to talk. Now at 2 he talks non stop. He started saying one new word every day and now he talks non stop.

I agree with Jerri-Lea. I haven't used this program but if it will give you time with him to focus on is speech then it is a good thing. Good luck and try not to worry about it!

scrappaleica said...

Hey Sassy, we have this program and the flashcards that go with it are BRILLIANT! I LOVE it. you will enjoy it.

Saucy said...

I had no program like these for Buddy or Loopy. I never even knew there was a 50 word goal! I just talked to them and with them and listened carefully when they spoke to me... and still try to do the same. At 19, Buddy makes tea and sits down and talks my ear off.

the treat girl said...

Cubby was no where near the 50 word goal either....they suggested speach therapy and I held off...then felt guilty. So the therapist came to our house 2x a week for months. I knew he would be fine and he was! It just "kicked" in and now he is the chattiest one of my three! He NEVER stops talking!!!

Also, stop by my blog....I gave you an award!! :)