a few things

These pictures are of a few pieces that I made a few weeks ago and finally found a few moments to pull together into combinations. The idea came from a customer (thanks Barb! Yes, the top one is yours!) who asked about some of the "other shapes" I had made that she saw from a pic on the blog. I had told her that they were just trials and didn't really work out the way I wanted......but it got me thinking.....they didn't look right all alone but what if I clustered them....and VOILA! Yes? NO? What do you think?
This last week wiped me out! I had a major presentation due in one class, a 15 page paper in another, was informed that the contest I had entered my Dad's restaurant in had selected us to be a top 10 finalist and therefore had to submit a 2 page business case in 48 hours (Horizon Exteme Tech Makeover), presented at The Dr Stirling McDowell Foundation (Yoga and Youth Research Project) AND made 50 gingerbread cookies and a house to decorate for family pictures on Sunday.
What is keeping you busy this week?


Anonymous said...

Good Job Chantelle, hopefully it comes through for the restaurant.

Twinny +1

Saucy said...

Cousins just like each other! Busy, busy. Oh you know, the usual: 160 cupcakes, 48 new necklaces, new charm bracelets, planning for Christmas, organizing and coaching the Cheerios, housework (!), cupcakes for Pam on Friday, seeing New Moon with friends, and of course, the charm party this weekend! And sorting the online swap for mailing. Gah.

Keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the groups of little hearts - so charming. Looks great! D

Anonymous said...

The groupings are perfect! Will you be taking custom orders / putting them on your etsy website?


Anonymous said...

Hey Chantelle! I LOVE the letters all together! And I'm flattered you tried my idea. I can't wait to see them this weekend!


PS Good luck getting everything accomplished! It is quite a busy time of year, but us moms will get it all done...that's just what WE do!