Valentine's Day

ps. Dear McDreamy
(the most wonderful husband in the whole world...)

I love you more than yesterday my dear husband, I am truly the luckiest girl in the whole world to have you.....

If you ask me I would write a book

About the way you walk, whisper and look

I would write the details on how we met

So our children would never forget

And the simple secret of our tale

Is to tell you, my love will never dim or fail

When the time comes for my book to end

I will smile as I close my eyes to dream more of you best friend.
(in moments I will be whisked away on a very romantic journey to spend time with hundreds of my closest animated friends........I'll be away for a bit, but back in time for classes of course. (and yes, Dr McI. , I will keep editing chapter 1,2,3)
Feel free to guess where I am!)