Dear Play Doh,

I have two short but very important words to say to you.
Thank you.
With Love,
PS. I had no idea my 20 month old son knew how to sit for more than 27 seconds. Everyday this week we have spent at least half and hour sitting at the table rolling, cutting, squashing, poking, stabbing, texturing, snaking and patting. You play-doh people are brilliant, you must all be mommies.


Jerri-Lea said...

Isn't Play Doh great! And good for you to play with it inside,I know a lot of people who only do it in the summer outside!

Sheryl said...

We love Play Doh. The store bought and homemade. We have a huge rubber maid tote dedicated to our Play Doh supplies. It has saved my sanity many a time. With 4 kids it is also one of the few activities they can do together with very minimal to no fighting. Yep Play Doh is wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Pam said...

we love play-doh too!

can you bring some heart rings on Sunday...i need to buy a couple!

the treat girl said...

I just love the way the smell of it takes you right back to when you were little. Cubby had a play-doh birthday party for his friends when he turned was terrific! I got them all that duffle bag with tools, cutters and play-doh...they loved it! The mom's thought I was crazy, but it was great!