order up!

Etsy is so much fun. I just finished another order to be packed up and shipped out. I found the cutest little key charms with "love" and just had to add one for a finishing touch. I always make and send a few "extra" tiles to cover for breakage or accidents. It was so nice to hear a customer who mixes and matches her "extra" tiles. The pendants are quite versatile and leave lots of room open for creativity!

This cute piece isn't going into a mailbox, it is for a local friend who also has a box of the Sprout's clothes if she wants it too. My little Sprout is growing like a weed- in all 2T clothes. Needless to say I have clothes for him that I didn't even get the chance to snip the tags off of yet.

I have to run back to the studio ( I read 4 chapters today for my behavior class, attended a 3 hour class and met with other students for a self imposed tutorial for 2 hours so I earned it!).

I have a secret project I can't wait to share!

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Shannon said...

Her birthday is this Saturday and I can't wait to give her the necklace with all the "extras". Love it!!