my favorite

Yeah! to photoshop.

I made about 10 different designs for The Sprout but this I think is my favorite. My plan is to make them into little stickers (colour laser printing only 25 cents a sheet at university and I can get 30 stickers on a page!) for treat bags.


Jerri-Lea said...

So cute! And on top of the little play doh is a fab idea! We just finished playing restaurant with play doh! I must remember the sticker offer for CJ's birthday!!

mlafayette said...

I never noticed the sticker on the play doh until I read Jerri-Lea's comment! How cute! Did you print it onto special sticker paper?


sassy said...

your on Jl-anything for my little art buddy!
I used avery lables on a laser jet printer. It took a few tries. The colour printer the the lab is named Van Gogh! I love that!-always makes me smile!

mlafayette said...

This one is my favourite also!!!