Here was a fun project I added to a presentation I did last week for a behavior class. It is a graduate level class but I try to be creative with my presentation, seriously, it helps to engage even adult learners.

I thought this little car would be a great tool for a special education teacher to keep handy on his/her desk.

The steps for this program are simple and basic for kids to understand. I used the car as a visual for those visual learners out there (that's me!)

1.Freeze and Think! What is the problem?
2.Alternatives? What are some of my possible solutions?
3.Solution Evaluation? Choose the best solution?
4.Try It! Slowly and carefully. Does it work?

The steps are from the book below, a great read for even seasoned teachers. Whole group teachings, a brilliant step to educating kids on how to get along best. Yes, I agree some skills are best taught through experiences on the playground with out adults but I also believe there is nothing wrong with offering strategies-everyone learns different ways!

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders School –Based Practices Author Matthew Mayer


jkddz said...

I like it!! I can see this working in the Kindergarten room I am in! I may use this idea...if that's okay?!

Jerri-Lea said...

Kindergarten all the way to grade 12!
Awesome job Sassy, especially great for us visual people!
Give a big hug to Prince Naveen from CD & CJ!

Kate said...

Teachers aside...I need this as a MUM!!! It would remind me to use my head and NOT fly off the handle. Geesh.