favorite views

 This is one of my sweet husbands favorite view...(his other favorites earn me Tiffany's little blue boxes and are not going to appear on this blog!)
This is taken from our master suite to be. I love it because it has its own private bath and private door to the patio. It also looks directly onto our private beach and lake.)  We have a beautiful hand made log bed that I'm sure we will spend many morning sipping fresh hot coffee while we snuggle under vintage quilts watching the fish jump and loons swim.
The other view once the huge barn door opened look on the entertaining areas of our cabin.  Big Brother is hard at work at his art station.  The wood burning fireplace is missing in this photo but will be back soon!

 Ah, my mudroom. I know you've seen it before but I love it.
Even with all our winter gear this is how it looks! HEAVEN!
I love looking at the big boots and little boots!
 OK, here it is.  I designed this vanity.
Best contractor in the world brought it to life.
I/we spent hours looking at sinks and taps.
 The boys call this a waterfall spout!
Yes, it calms me to wash my hands!
 The wood is sealed and the sink is  a perfect vessel for this stand.  Even with a five year old and two year old the water is contained. Don't ask me how, if I know I'd bottle it and sell it. 
Great sink/tap combo.
The wood boxes come from my auction hunting.  This is a guest bath so we don't really need storage but the mirrored vanity will have hidden storage for emergency Band-Aids ect.  Also in this bathroom is a steam shower and new washed dryer.  Doesn't every cabin have those? 
I'm spoiled, I know! 
We had a great weekend, the boys didn't want to go home and I have to admit I didn't really either.
Looks like my sweet husband want to do the cabinets in the kitchen and is insisting on new counters too, looks like he want to call this home for a while!

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Yummers! said...

Your cabin is wonderful! A place for memories to be made! I did go back and read all your past posts. I'm sorry about your loss of your Mom. Years later, my mom is in my thoughts daily. I'm currently redoing turning my basement into mostly art/craft area... and some utility room. Sorry... no room for storage! My cleaning lady is helping me and she's making lots of trips to Goodwill. Getting rid of everything... almost everything. I'll do several post on my project. I'm getting lots of ideas from Pinterest.

Hugs, Joni