Welcome 2014! Garbage Beware!

We did a ton of house cleaning over the holiday break and it feels great.  Closets, shelves and drawers more organized, a new, refreshed less cluttered life. 
It is amazing how great it feels to get rid of all that nasty garbage from the past and realize that living simply and more focused is a healthier style. 
Oh, I'm sure some of that nasty junk may try creep back in but we as a family will lock it out!  My sweet husband has taken the lead here and promised to protect me eternally from useless harassing trash. 
 See ya later trashy trash, two words: "restraining order!"
(He also carried out SIX garbage bags of clothes from my closet for the Good Will! Love that guy!)
Keeping in style with our new refreshed family of 2014 we spent a beautiful day together today.  Up early as usual but treated to Daddy home from work early to spend the afternoon skating, shopping downtown and then to supper.  We are going to try to be more physically active as a family (even though we usually run around like crazy!) and try new activities together.  Education is important to us, so we will keep up with our arts education programs, math programs and of course piano and music lessons for us all. 
My sweet husband is insisting on a date night once a week and I may indulge him as long as it comes with flowers and my favorite blue boxes once in a while too! 
Hmm, garbage restraining order, more family time and more date nights in 2014. It sounds like we are off to a better than ever year! 

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