paint your own ukelele

 This was a fantastic -35 indoor activity.

 Big Brother was thrilled to paint his own ukulele!
It is so fun to embrace his artistic side. 
Music and art combined-so fun!
The ukulele was a target find, half price it was $12.  They have great art supplies that are great to stock up on when they go on sale.
We picked up a few extra ukuleles for gifts for friends that were a big hit too.
He wanted to paint it  just like one of his Dad's guitars (well, he added a few extra colours maybe....)
Sweet, sweet boy.

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Yummers! said...

Hi Sassy!

I have to catch up on life in Canada... it's been awhile. Lots of medical issues... see my blog for ugly details.

Your little guy isn't so little anymore, and he is so handsome. Seems to me he had a little brother? I'll have to read your blog backwards and catch up on your life. The uke idea is perfect. Target is a treasure trove for surprises. I say that with a new Burberry bag over my arm... he, he, he! Was just shopping in Scottsdale AZ.
Hugs to you, Sassy! Come visit YUMMERS! ~Joni