thankful for today

Today was a day that we spent together making memories, laughing and having fun as a family.  I look at these pictures and want to hold them in my heart forever.  Each moment is a blessing. Each minute we share together a gift.  Knowing our future will be bright because of love for each other.
 We are so lucky.
 We are happy.
 We are healthy.
 We have family to love.
 We have a warm house, a full fridge and time to spend together.
We have each other.
Today was so good.


Niki said...

You can feel the happiness in those photos.
Thanks for sharing.

Yummers! said...

What a lovely post, Sassy! I had to reread it several times and enjoy the wonderful pictures of those beautiful faces... more than once.

HUGS! ~Joni

Jerri-Lea said...


Jerri-Lea said...