studio 13

Welcome to studio 13!

My studio is always like my life, a masterpiece in progress!
I always have at least a few projects on the go.
From clay hand building to glass fusion-if it involves a kiln count me in!
Need inspiration? Have some to share? Keep on your shoes and come inside studio 13, how would you like your tea?!


Jerri-Lea said...

You look amazing! CJ has been talking about Studio 13! She even wrote about it in our Spring letter (we missed sending out Christmas ones). Hope classes are going well and you take a break to enjoy time in the studio! think CJ and I have a spring project idea for you to run with. I'll email you.
Tea is sweet and iced, please!

Niki said...

That is a geat picture of you.

the treat girl said...

Studio 13??? Is there a meaning behind the name??? I've been trying to think of something other than "craft room" for mine!