Saucy's Spa Cookies

I had a few minutes this weekend to whip up Saucy's Best Ever Spa Cookies (you can find her on my sidebar-bloggety blog blog!). They were so good I ate the 1st batch and a made another to share with classmates on Monday. These cookies are my weakness and are great to munch along on as I read about the benefits of cayenne pepper in my new holistic health book.
In addition to baking this weekend I finished a poster on photoshop for our college research day on the 20th. It feels good to get one more project finished but reminds me about the work I need to do on my thesis...yikes. Instead of editing literature review I designed cute little hang tags for the cookies-note the recipe on the back for easy reference. Wouldn't this make a great party favor! Speaking of parties must get back to work-2 birthdays in this family in March! (they will be combined parties this year due to my classes, I'll share the theme soon. I'm off to my night class!)


photojoy said...

This hang tag looks so cute and stylish. Of course those cookies sound great! Cheers to both of your academic and domestic life!

the treat girl said...

ooohhhhhh.......share the recipe please!!! They sound yummy!