Have you ever had "one of those days?" that turns into a week which turns into a month......

That's me right now. Ugg. I've backed off blogging in fear of offending anyone, crossing any lines, letting someone down or just plain old sounding wine-y.

I am up to my neck in school work-anyone want to be assessed through a 2.5 hour+ standardized cognitive assessment? Let me know. I have one more left to do.

So Disney pics are still to come as are a few other projects I am working on for good friends including invites for a 60th birthday and cup cakes for a sesame street themed party.

Let's talk resilience. I just finished a paper about resilience and will present a 1.5 hour presentation on it tomorrow at 1pm. The cinnamon buns are rising as I blog this right now, what better way to concretely demonstrate my personal resiliency with bread making.

What about you. Can you share your thoughts or an example of how you would demonstrate resiliency?


Karen of the KAGS said...

Resilient? C'mon we're Canadian aren't we? Well, you guys are I'm a Canadian in Waiting (oooh I like that!)
Every winter we show an enormous amount of resilience to the coldest winter temperatures and we keep on smiling too.

Leica Forrest said...

Sassy, here's sending you good vibes to get everything done with no obstacles. You are a wonder woman, awesome mom, but sometimes life does keep us busy doesn't it? Have a great week!!!!

the treat girl said...

I have that SAME picture of Cubby on Bruce's mouth from Epcot!!!!! Take a deep can only do what you can do!