I logged on with 6 minutes to spare and found this treasure on ebay today for $10!
The photo is as big as I could get it, it is sesame street finger puppet molds-I can't wait to try them!
Well The Sprout loves 2 things......
1. His Pa.
2. Playdoh.
Playdoh is my secret word I use when we need to get out of sticky situations. Example, Pa is leaving our house, The Sprout is inconsolable until I mention those magic words...playdoh. Poof-he is crawling up onto his chair quicker than Pa can back out of the driveway! Our playdoh collection is growing, the heart cookie cutter is favorite right now and we are working on making snakes.
Looks like playdoh will be theme for this years birthday bash.....any great ideas for me?

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Jerri-Lea said...

Ooo, I got one, I know that McDreamy is a great artist perhaps he could sketch up a personalize Sprout play-doh activity mat that could be colored, copied then laminated. You could use them as an activity at the party or as party of the favors or just something fun for the Sprout to do at home. The ones I've seen have some outlined white space to add playdoh elements to (here's the link )
I'll keep thinking!
Oh, the girls and I have a little finger puppet give away on the blog!