hello little bundies

We had fun glazing these little "bundies" today.
I know one little boy who does not like to be the only one without a paint brush! One minute he was happily collecting pine cones just steps from the doors of studio 13
and the next he was demanding to paint bundies with Mommy. I couldn't ask for more, it makes me so happy he loves artsy projects!

Here are the the 1st batch of our bundies, the tallest barely 2 inches and made from a great porcelain clay that fires so fresh and white we only used a dab of pink for the nose and clear glazed the rest of the body. (except for one bundie,a special friend which will fire orchid purple)

Check back in a day or two for the finished product.

I might just hop one or two bundies into my etsy store, wouldn't they be adorable in story pots like these that Amy @ inspire.co made! They are on my to do list for spring!

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Jerri-Lea said...

Those are so sweet!! Glad you are finding time to take a break and enjoy your studio!