Those of you who know me well know I love deals a much as I like good quality and craftsmanship.

I use coupons every chance I get, I plan on using one tomorrow as I purchase spray glue at Michael's and I am counting down the days until I can use my 30% off total purchase coupon at the GAP to outfit The Sprout for summer/spring. My list is made ( 2 hoodies, 6 t-shirts, 1 pair of khaki longs pant/capris, 3 pairs of shorts ( 1 jean, 2 khaki or plaid), one pair of sandals and socks, socks, socks.) I am good at not impulse buying The Sprout clothes out of season and this makes me really look forward to a big 30% off sale. I only do this 2 times year, spring/summer and fall/winter with the odd sock run or an emergency outfit in between.
Oh, how I love a good deal!
Now for the big one. Kate, you will really love this. Visit the site, click on the coupons you want and 1 week later they appear in your mailbox. The great thing is they are biggies too-$1 - 4 off the items I chose. I'll let you know after grocery shopping on Saturday if they were accepted because this deal seems very good.
Have your tried
What is your favorite deal?

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Chris said...

Count Berkly Atlee and I in for the party... Berkly already has his snorkel out LOL.
BTW the cupcakes were a huge huge hit with my kids and the kids at school. They freaking loved the fondant and thought it totally looks like playdoh. Thank you so much, they all think you are a god. I am so lucky to have a friend like you.