baby shower update

I hand stamped napkins and even name tags for a personal touch. A definite do again for special parties.

Don't you just love the stickers on boxes and gum! Char at Delight Designs-find her on etsy!

Look closely, the flowers....are PENS! A fun hand made favor, super easy to do!

The Sprout was up at 5am so he helped me whip up 3 trays of yummy sandwiches bright and early.

I had a great time snuggling baby Rylee today, visiting with beautiful ladies and sipping and snacking away! This was my 1st baby shower as a hostess.....what a special treat! I had so much fun making up names for all the treats like the Ga-Ga Ga-rden Cucumber Sandwiches and Iced-Iced Baby Coffee.

The rest of the day was spent poolside with family......I spent even more time snuggling that sweet baby Rylee when the Sprout was busy swimming with Yoda!

The Nana and I are up to a new makes my head spin...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

The only thing sweeter than those delicious cupcakes was Rylee herself (and you, of course)!
Love, McDreamy

bamemories said...

What a great auntie you are--I just love everything you did. Oh and by the way, not sure if I do know a Brooklyn--would probably have to know her last name. Is she the friend of yours or the child of the friend of yours?

Saucy said...

What on earth are you and Nana up to now???

the treat girl said...

oooh!!! I've never hosted a baby shower either.....and after seeing how sweet Rylee's was I can't wait!!!! .....hmmmm any hints on the secret project????

sassy studio said...

hint#1- sticks...pointy wooden sticks!

Dionne said...

This is sooo cute! I love how you've coordinated everything with that cute little stamp. Great job on this, it looks fabulous!