big steps for little sprout

These big steps led to the longest 2 hours of my life......these are the steps to a wonderful lady who will has taken us into her home and her heart. The Sprout will walk these steps 2-3 times a week while I have to attend classes. McDreamy came with me the day we did a trial run, as I drove away with out our Sprout on our way to a yoga class McDreamy pleaded with me to pull over so he could drive, the tears did eventually stop but my heart felt so empty with out those tiny hands on my leg, around my neck or smearing something sticky somewhere on me.

On the up side The Sprout loves playing with his buddies and there is a puppy there he loves to bother.
I must share this great find...sticky labels for shoes, clothes and cups. My buddy Stacey told me about them ages ago, Mabels Labels. Check them out.
The Spout loves them, and so do I! We have successfully stuck them on everything from hoodies, to sippy cups and shoes.
I adore the pink ones but the Sprout's are blue with race cars.


Jerri-Lea said...

The Sprout will love his time playing with his buddies!! Of course it will never replace the fun he has with Mommy, it is just "different".

I too remember the day I dropped CJ off at daycare. I took a girlfriend with me for support. We were supposed to go for coffee but I was crying so much we went through T.H.'s drive-thru and went to her Mom's.

He will do great and play time at home will be even more exciting for him!!

Hang in there brave lady! Just wait until he doesn't want to leave daycare and come home! That is a hard one too but it means that he is having lots of fun and doesn't want it to stop!

Karen of the KAGS said...

I'm with Jerri-Lea! Having visited friends who run day-cares I know how much fun the children have - and all the new friends they get to meet.

Stick with it Sassy!

oliver rain said...

Awww. It's hard leaving them with someone else the first time. I cried after I left Lizzie with her first dayhome. And my arms just ached to hold her. But it's necessary and you'll be just fine. He will too.

Good luck with school.


Saucy said...

This sounds like an awful lot of stress... are you absolutely sure you won't take Dear Nana up on her offer to stay with our precious Sprout a time or two in the week? It would be good for them both! She pretty much begged me to talk you into it when I last visited her. I know you are worried about her but I think it would be good for her and The Sprout both, even just a few times here and there.., don't you?

the treat girl said...

awwwhhh Miss!!!! I can feel your aching heart!!! But I think THE.WORST is when you go to pick him up and he runs the other way!!! That is such a good thing...then you'll know he loves it there....but oh how it hurts!

Leica Forrest said...

hey gorgeous momma,i'm with Saucy. we ran into your wonderful mom and she desperately wants to spend time with him. give it a chance to think about if you keep panicking. but little Foster will be ok. you are a fabulous mom, and he will look forward to seeing you guys even more!

Anonymous said...

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