new project..

Here is a little hint of our new is on hold for a short bit while
The Nana is visiting the hospital for a few days, the dr's say she needs a minor tune up. If hospital security will let me through the doors with the pointy sticks you see above maybe I'll have a project update soon.
Feel free to guess!
(click here if you want to send your guess to The Nana! Room 6213)


Jerri-Lea said...

Did you figure out "the pattern?" And will you be able to pass your knowledge onto me?!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that your knitting some hats for kids at the hospital.
Or somthing like that. Have fun!! D

Anonymous said...

Hi: please give your sweet Mom a hug from us. Love, Mg

sassy studio said...

the nana is back home now, tune up complete! thanks for your well wishes everyone!