university...then and now

Thank you to everyone who made a comment on my last post. Gold stars for you all. I'll find out on Wednesday if my professor approved of my incorporating a link to my personal blog(and life) into my article presentation. (fingers crossed)

I love being back in school. I like the text books, the topics, the people, I like it all. I keep one text beside my bed because I really like to read it- I even take it with me places. If you ask me how I am doing I might give a sigh like I've been treading water for a bit which is truthfully how I feel sometimes but I am enjoying school more each day. I am slowly getting used to reading, assignments and sharing my voice again.
Here is a sneak peek into my new life as a grad student......check out the cushy chairs we get to sit on in ERES 800! Three cheers for Dr X ( I will not use her real initial with out permission) who secured this A+ learning environment.

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