spa academy saskatoon

Welcome to Spa Academy...
Have you heard of Permanent Polish?
Well you are in for a treat today!
Sit back and relax as you are pampered and educated about Saskatoon's best place for a pedicure!Above is the owner herself, she is the one who schooled Sassy in the secrets of permanent polish.
Below is a good friend and wonderful instructor. Don't you feel more relaxed knowing such polished and professional women are taking care of you.

Ahhhh, nothing spells relaxation for Sassy like girl time with her Sis. I seriously can't believe we have not done this before. This was my very 1st spa trip despite McDreamy's many attempts to have me pre-book treatments on almost every trip we take. I had no idea I was a spa kind of gal, looks like spa time might need to be scheduled in from now on!

What is this permanent polish you ask?

It is the answer to gals all over the world who need a tootsie polish that lasts more than an hour. You know what I mean. Permanent polish is heat cured but can be filed and snipped without being harmed. My french themed toes are still as bright and shinny as if they were just painted hours ago. The shine says.........fear not sand or stubbed toe, I will out live, outlast and out shine for weeks! Bring on the sandals and open toed shoes you treasure!

Yes those are two happy feet!

Now go make your appointment at spa academy!


What a great afternoon!
12 creative gals='s an afternoon of fun!
Saucy made the big yummy cupcakes and I made the tiny charm ones.......without knowing what the other was doing!
The similarities about us make me smile!
Thanks for organizing Saucy!

university...then and now

Thank you to everyone who made a comment on my last post. Gold stars for you all. I'll find out on Wednesday if my professor approved of my incorporating a link to my personal blog(and life) into my article presentation. (fingers crossed)

I love being back in school. I like the text books, the topics, the people, I like it all. I keep one text beside my bed because I really like to read it- I even take it with me places. If you ask me how I am doing I might give a sigh like I've been treading water for a bit which is truthfully how I feel sometimes but I am enjoying school more each day. I am slowly getting used to reading, assignments and sharing my voice again.
Here is a sneak peek into my new life as a grad student......check out the cushy chairs we get to sit on in ERES 800! Three cheers for Dr X ( I will not use her real initial with out permission) who secured this A+ learning environment.

reading, writing, blogging and reading some more...

Welcome EPSE 859, blogging friends and everyone who loves to read and write!
I am doing a journal article presentation on the topic of reading and blogging this Wednesday for my EPSE class and I'd love your thoughts on the following quote.
Don't be shy!

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new project..

Here is a little hint of our new is on hold for a short bit while
The Nana is visiting the hospital for a few days, the dr's say she needs a minor tune up. If hospital security will let me through the doors with the pointy sticks you see above maybe I'll have a project update soon.
Feel free to guess!
(click here if you want to send your guess to The Nana! Room 6213)

baby shower update

I hand stamped napkins and even name tags for a personal touch. A definite do again for special parties.

Don't you just love the stickers on boxes and gum! Char at Delight Designs-find her on etsy!

Look closely, the flowers....are PENS! A fun hand made favor, super easy to do!

The Sprout was up at 5am so he helped me whip up 3 trays of yummy sandwiches bright and early.

I had a great time snuggling baby Rylee today, visiting with beautiful ladies and sipping and snacking away! This was my 1st baby shower as a hostess.....what a special treat! I had so much fun making up names for all the treats like the Ga-Ga Ga-rden Cucumber Sandwiches and Iced-Iced Baby Coffee.

The rest of the day was spent poolside with family......I spent even more time snuggling that sweet baby Rylee when the Sprout was busy swimming with Yoda!

The Nana and I are up to a new makes my head spin...stay tuned!

shower day!

I finally got to hold and cuddle my newest niece yesterday. I couldn't help but snap just a few pictures...the real diva photo shoot will be next week between my classes, assignments and seminars.
The shower is today, yippee, I'll try to post Monday so check back!
Here are few possible announcements I told my sis I'd post.
Which one do you like the best?
(don't you just love the handmade hat...JL, the best blogging friend in all of blogging land made it just for Rylee!)

anglin lake

Family Road Trip! It was well worth the 2 hour drive see The Sprout and Yoda watching minnows on the edge of the dock. I spent countless hours doing exactly this with the same partner many years ago......only Yoda was a little thinner back then! good thing we have a new floating dock-he he!

Yoda gave us a tour of all the good hiding places in the new cabin...

below is the "library"...check out the view! I guess you can't quite see the lake in the picture but it is a perfect view.

here is the kitchen to be and dining hallway.

2 bedrooms downstairs but more up stairs, bears can't climb stairs right Nana?
(the stairs to the old cabin were on the outside to get to the loft where all us kids slept so my loving parents assured me that bears couldn't climb stairs.......and I believed this whole heartedly until I was 21.....when it was pointed out to me that if bears could climb trees, surely they could climb stairs as well!)

the back of the cabin sure looks different!

What a lucky little Sprout to have such a great place to visit. Soon he will be picking rocks, roasting hot dogs, feeding the squirrels, watching for bears, fishing with Pa, having shore lunches and picnics in the rain.....some of his Mommies favorite things to do when she was little.
Do you like campfires? What are your favorite things to cook campfire style? Please share!

big steps for little sprout

These big steps led to the longest 2 hours of my life......these are the steps to a wonderful lady who will has taken us into her home and her heart. The Sprout will walk these steps 2-3 times a week while I have to attend classes. McDreamy came with me the day we did a trial run, as I drove away with out our Sprout on our way to a yoga class McDreamy pleaded with me to pull over so he could drive, the tears did eventually stop but my heart felt so empty with out those tiny hands on my leg, around my neck or smearing something sticky somewhere on me.

On the up side The Sprout loves playing with his buddies and there is a puppy there he loves to bother.
I must share this great find...sticky labels for shoes, clothes and cups. My buddy Stacey told me about them ages ago, Mabels Labels. Check them out.
The Spout loves them, and so do I! We have successfully stuck them on everything from hoodies, to sippy cups and shoes.
I adore the pink ones but the Sprout's are blue with race cars.

1st day

Today was a big day. It was the 1st day of the rest of my.....2 years. Once I walked through these 2 doors I knew there was no turning back. Goodbye long leisurely lunches, so long daily shopping trips to Winners, farewell sweet cupcake making afternoons with Saucy. Hello Master's student Sassy,

Hello student lounges that haven't changed a chair in 15 years....
Hello hot chocolate machine filled with toxic waste.....

Hello late nights, early mornings, study dates, libraries and $175 text books.
Tips, advice greatly appreciated......I am terrified.

studio guests at studio 13

I had my favorite Manitoba gal pal swing by with her super well behaved boys last week.
We had a great afternoon of splashing, snacking and creating. I gave a quick mini lesson on glass fusion-----these Manitoba-ians's are seriously creative, just look at their creations! Gallery worthy I tell you!

It was great to spend sometime in the studio during daylight hours.

Above are a few of the works before fusion and after.

The Sprout insisted on BLUE cupcakes for a is my pal posing for me, doesn't she look great in blue.

Thanks for the visit-what shall we create next year boys?!