thrifty thursday

It is not my favorite place (so sorry Ronald!) but there are 2 boys in my house who LOVE it!
For the last 2 months whenever a sassy little 2 year old sneaks into the drivers seat of the VW van he announces we are going to McDonald's!
I was torn when I found this. I know my little Hamburgler would love to drive his cars to the drive through window and order cheeseburgers and french fries but the Mom in me wanted to purchase a miniature fresh fruit stand.
The importance of imagination and creative play won.
I can still decide the "real" meals and my little Hamburgler can have as his hotwheels speed away with their cheeseburgers and milk.

$6.99 includes 5 little trays with pictures of cheeseburgers, fries and drinks. So fun.


bamemories said...

Where did you get this! My kids would love it. It looks like Monday morning works for the pony rides, so I'll book us in. I'll call you this weekend to let you know the details. Kari will be home by then and may want to bring Danica--is this okay with you?

Jerri-Lea said...

I called you this morning having a melt down over US shipping costs! Will visit soon!

Niki said...

That playset is awesome!!!