our Canada Day

We had a great day!
We joined our fellow Canadians at a huge park for balloons, stickers, giant inflated jumping tents, race cars, speeches and soldiers.
We were even stopped and asked what our favorite thing about Canada was-I said Canada is a great place to raise a family!Then to the wild horse ride! You'll see this picture again in February, I have been planning the Zebra shot for ages and it just so happened he was open for a ride today. All that fun was squeezed into a few hours and we were home by 12:15......just in time for poor Daddy to get called into work.
(and for us to take power naps!)
What is your favoirte thing about Canada?


PamJ said...

I have to agree with you! It is a GREAT place to raise a family, and so many other benefits. Beautiful country and scenery, a healthcare system, and tonnes of history...

Looked like you guys had fun! I am curious about your zebra shot?!?

the treat girl said...

I think two of the things I love the most about Cananda is your national anthem and your passion for hockey!!