thank you self timer

I took this great shot, yup, me and my trusty self timer.
People laughed, people stared, people wondered if I was crazy running back and forth to my towel laying on my tummy army style before leaping up and dashing to ( but not into!) the lake to make it into the shot crouching down with a large smile while trying not to look out of completely breath.
I did it 3 times and BINGO, a great family shot that captured the way we spent the day........together.
Here are the other 2 shots. The kiss WAS NOT pre-planned. That's my McDreamy for you, yeah, he's sweet like that, sorry. I like how the king of the castle is ignoring us. He quite often chimes in "Play that game, play that game too!" if he ever feels we are getting too romantic with out him. I think its sweet.

Well, the crazy girl in the purple dress at the beach today may still be crazy
but she has a few family shots that melt her heart and captured he love for her boys.
Any other good self timer stories out there?


the treat girl said...

Looooooove them!!! So worth it crazy girl!! You should have one printed onto a large canvas!! Or use it for your holiday card!

the treat girl said...

I think I saw them online at Costco.....or I saved a page from Country Living magazine from May 2010 that featured them from had a HUGE one 40x60...propped up against a looked so cool! Good luck....let me know how you make out :)

Jerri-Lea said...

Looks great! We made a quick trip to Waskesiu and I didn't take ONE photo! Too much to do. Next time.
(Happy Anniversary you two!!)

Lisa Russell said...

What great pictures! I always forget my self timer. Beautiful!

Justin said...

Awesome shots! Photographers always have shots of everyone else, but its always hard to get shots of *you* with your family. But I must say you have rocked those self-timer skillz!

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