pool slide

This is the picture I saw looking out the office window one morning as wonderful my husband made some time for me to work on my thesis.My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to rush outside and put pillows allover the concrete. The little one is only 2.2 years old!

Then I saw the smile..... two smiles.....

And I heard giggles.....two giggles.....

And my heart smiled......all day long.

(anyone know where I can buy water proof pillows?)


Jerri-Lea said...

Good grief, I'd have helped you pull the mattresses off all the beds to line up on the concrete! Dads sure do play different than Moms!! But they were having fun and McDreamy is more than capable of handling any injuries that may have resulted!!

Vanessa said...

Dads can be so funny! My son used to follow his older sister around toting a purse and baby carriage! My husband promptly taught him how to wrestle!!! LOL

The pool however looks fantastic! I just wish we had one too!

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