berry cool treats

This was fun and easy.
We made them on a rainy day so they'd be ready for when we needed them on a hot day.
It’s really easy to make your own. I had a helper too. He was my stick man.
Pick a fruit.
2 cups strawberries in this case. Hull and cut them up.
Throw them in a food processor with 1 Tablespoon super fine sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of salt. I love the opportunity to use my magic bullet!
Reminds me of making all the baby food that made my little boy grow so big and smart.
We layered strawberry with yogurt then honey berries from my own bushes in the back.
What did we use for sticks.....cloths pins! 50 (enough for 100 pops!) for a dollar AND the perfect length for small hands.
What fruity combos would you suggest?


Jenn said...

Yummy! I can`t believe how big you`re little man is getting :)

the treat girl said...

oooohhhh!!! Perfect for these hot days we've been having! I've been waithing to see how you make them...I DO HAVE to GET a MAGIC BULLET!!! Next Costco trip!! And those little cups are soo cute, where did you find those??? I can use my favorite popsicle maker too :)

I was thinking about you the other day when I was making a quick favorite EASY hoagies.

I thought they'd be great for your family swim parties on Sundays. Granted I'm not the sandwich artiste like Saucy :) But they are quick and easy for a crowd.

Have a great day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Where did you get those adorable cups from?

Niki said...

A layered berry frozen treat would be yummy: maybe raspberry, blackberry and blueberry layers.

sassy said...

I found the cups on etsy-I think they were shipped from Japan. I'll go through my etsy stuff and see if I can find the seller-I'll post about it when I do!