honey berry salad

The Chef, my brother, was over the other night and he quickly taught me to make an easy vinaigrette.
I wanted to use the honey berries I grow in the back and this recipe would work well with any berry.
2 parts oil ( I use evoo)
to 1 part vinegar (I used a red wine vinegar)
1 teaspoon honey
pinch of salt and pepper to taste
1 cup honey berries
Puree in a food processor, I happily got to dust off my magic bullet ( my second) from baby food making days as my niece commented- "Wow, you actually have one of those. I've only seen them on TV." Teen translation, "Aunty, you used to be cool and now your kitchen is turning into a TV info-mercial. Please make us more cupcakes and stop watching late night TV".
Point taken. But I cannot live with out my magic bullet the second. He is like family.

The colour of the honey berry vinaigrette was amazing! Really amazing, if you live in town and want to try some I'll gladly share!
Beware-you will be instantly addicted!


bamemories said...

Hey girl,

I was thinking of contacting Hummingbird Hollow about the pony rides for next Monday or Tuesday and thought I'd see if you wanted to come. It's supposed to be hot and perhaps we could bum a swim off of you after. Let me know and I'll try to book something for first thing in the morning. It would be $25 each for the rides and such.

the treat girl said...

oooooohhhhhh!! This salad looks amazing!!! And I've been wanting a magic bullet FOR.EVER....maybe making this dressing would be the perfect excuse to get one! Thanks for sharing :)